Many travelers had their once-in-a-lifetime-trip on hold since the beginning of 2020 when all travel froze globally.

Almost two years later, consumer confidence has risen as vaccination rates increase and countries are slowly lifting restrictions.

According to a recent Expedia report, a large percentage of U.S. travelers are planning both international as well as domestic trips for 2022.
Even though domestic travel planning seems to be dominating, an interest in international travel is rapidly growing.
As per Expedia, searches for flights to major European cities have grown exponentially the last couple of months and the desire for travel seems to be stronger than ever.
Moreover, according to an October report by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation, the average cost of a round-trip international flight is now 35% lower compared to 2019.

However, the situation with Covid can still change the way countries react and the restrictions they impose. As a recent example we have Austria’s latest lockdown and the shut down of Christmas markets in Germany and other European countries due to concerns over the new South African variant and a new wave of Covid infections in certain places of the continent.

So, is this a time for planning an overseas trip in Europe or not?

It’s definitely a good time to plan that trip, although you should be mindful of booking conditions and keep in mind that travel disturbances are possible.
For this reason, among many others, a well-connected Tour Operator with solid knowledge of the situation in Europe is of vital importance for any travel planning.

If you are still thinking of taking that trip to Europe in 2022 contact us and let’s put that plan in motion.
Travelway Europe will be with you every step of the way to protect your interests in a way only a powerful local Tour Operator can.