2021 has been a very special year for us in Travelway Europe. This year marked the so-called reopening of many tourism activities. And Lord knows, all of us in the tourism industry needed a boost in both psychology and revenue.

This year also marked a milestone for us; we celebrated our 30th year in business. Although we all wished that we had celebrated under “normal” circumstances, nevertheless it was a great opportunity to look back at all we had accomplished through the years.

During the last decade we have organized tours and excursions for an average of approximately 200K guests per year.
The last years of the decade, 2018 & 2019, were among our top performing years:


  • 215K guests on cruise shore excursions throughout Greece
  • 2,5K guests on multi-day land tours all over Europe


  • 245K guests on cruise shore excursions throughout Greece
  • 3,5Κ guests on multi-day land tours all over Europe


2019 in particular, ended in the best possible way.

Among other group operations around Europe, an extraordinary operation of a multi-day land tour of Europe for 400 guests.

Split in 10 tour buses, each with one of our top Tour Managers leading the way, the 12-day tour started from London, continued to France via the Dover-Calais route, passing through Switzerland and ended with the highlights of Northern Italy.

A big thank you to our valued partner in Australia for entrusting us with such a demanding operation!


After a pause in 2020 during the pandemic outbreak (the first year in our long history that we offered our services to just 3000 guests), we slowly picked-up pace in 2021 having organised tours and excursions for approximately 80.000 visitors.

A big shout out to our clients for having made this possible during a difficult and doubtful 2021.

What’s next for Touring Europe in 2022?

The messages we receive from our partners in the US, Australia, Philippines, NZ, UK, Canada and many other places are quite encouraging.
Reservations for 2022 have been rising and now is the perfect time to start planning.

Do you have a group already lined-up?
Do you have the clientele and need to sell an awesome tour in Europe?

Contact us today and let’s put together an easy-to-sell tour programme, taking advantage of unsurpassed Travelway service quality along with unbeatable rates.