Tour Operator for Educational Tours in Europe

How can a trip be used as a tool for learning and understanding history and culture?Can a carefully designed travel experience teach things that could not be attributed to the narrow educational context of an institution?The answer to these questions comes through the organized and studied educational tours of Travelway, your tour operator for educational tours in Europe.The specially designed Educational Tours of the company creates multi-day programs through which the visitors-students come in contact with the top points and cradles of art and culture, from the imposing cathedral of Berlin to the unquenchable Olympic fire in ancient Olympia and everything in between. Especially in the country of Greece, through explorations and searches in places such as the temple of Athena Pronaia in Delphi, the historic Thermopylae with the monumental statue of Leonidas and the beautiful temple of Poseidon in Sounio, are some of the routes that focus on the importance of the ancient Greek culture, which manage to convey the feeling of greatness and awe to all those students who value this tremendous ancient culture. Because learning, as well as travelling, are habits that guide us for a lifetime.

What is an Educational Tour?

Educational Tours are group travel trips that aim to provide a more profound educational experience to pupils and students, using new and modern learning methods through the use of games and exercises, which further enrich the importance of these trips. This way is a new proposal in the method of teaching and learning, offering a more practical and intense experience to students, knowing new places and stories that have come into contact on a theoretical level. This unique and fresh method aims at the actual connection of young people with experience and knowledge, in which the visual experience plays a massive role in understanding and memorization. During an Educational Tour, groups of students are guided by the appropriate instructors as well as specially trained travel agents.

Why an Educational Tour should include a Tour Operator

In the design of an Educational Tour, the company Travelway has specialized professional tour operators who create a complete and comprehensive educational experience with the necessary research and knowledge. The choice of each destination, attraction, cultural centre and the competent and swift transfer of the educational group, is the absolute responsibility of our tour-operating business. In addition, our company provides experienced and thoroughly familiar guides with an academic background who can safely guide students in all parts of the educational program, providing the appropriate support and confidence throughout the trip. The company’s goal is to provide a holistic educational experience, always staying true to the schedule of the travel tour and the overall experience of knowledge.A successful Educational Tour program should emphasize the element of experiential learning. For the program’s ultimate success, its planning is done long before it takes place, organizing all the educational and non-educational activities, to create an interactive experience that will be much more than just another educational trip for its students. Thus, Travelway realizes its vision, overcoming education barriers and “freeing” students from any kind of restriction.


Benefits of Educational Tours with a Tour Operator

  • Competitive prices and affordability
  • Time-saving schedules
  • Security guarantee
  • Special access to archaeological / cultural sites
  • Greater flexibility in travel time
  • Easy transferring
  • Better Engagement
  • Connecting with different issues
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Strong foundations for students

We explore new approaches to travelling

Travelway offers new solutions in conducting educational tours, creating special packages, and grouping all those actions that contribute to creating a total educational experience.This company has created educational tours that combine all the positive elements of a trip and all the educational elements of a school class to ensure the maximum benefit through a truly well-structured and designed travel experience. Real experience is at your next destination by choosing the company of Travelway.