Tour Operator for Faith Based Tours in Europe

Visiting a sacred and religious site is not yet a conventional visit for travellers. It has more to do with the emotional and spiritual pursuit than the pursuit of knowledge and cognition. In this particular journey of faith and belief, Travelway your tour operator for faith based tours in Europe, has created complete faith-based tours that show the necessary reverence for the various religious sites around the world, creating a travel experience that honours religion as a common cultural element that unites people.The company’s uniquely designed faith-based tours include travel tours characterized by humility and contemplation, creating indescribable feelings of faith and reverence through visiting holy places such as the imposing Basilica of St. Peter and the sacred rocks of the monasteries in Meteora. The company has created specially integrated faith-based tours around the country of Greece, where the principle of the faith and orthodoxy dominate with beautiful and imposing temples throughout the country, such as the monument of St.Paul in Veria and the picturesque monastery of St.John in Patmos. After all, faith is found in every human being and can be translated into the need for travel and exploration.

What is a Faith Based Tour?

A faith-based tour is a form of tourism of special interest that is motivated, in part or exclusively, by religious motives and specifically by the desire of the members of a travel group to move from their place of permanent residence in order to visit a site they consider “sacred” (e.g. a temple, a monastery, etc.), often choosing a specific time that coincides with various religious events and seeking the satisfaction of religious needs. These movements are not exclusively of a pilgrimage nature, as they may concern people who wish to tour a place in order to admire monuments of the rich architecture of high historical and artistic value. Throughout this tour, the travel group members are guided by specialized travel guides carefully assigned by a travel agent, who have all the necessary certified knowledge and skills to offer the best possible services.

Why a Faith Based Tour should include a Tour Operator

In order for a travel group to be able to experience all those emotions of a complete spiritual and travel experience through a faith-based tour, a necessary precondition is the planning of this trip by an experienced tour operator company. When planning such a trip, which will include multiple destinations in places, monuments and religious buildings, all this planning should be undertaken by professionals who are able to deal with all the tourist activities related to the conduct of the trip.A tour operator undertakes the necessary escort of travellers during their travels to the holy places with the use of specially trained tourist escorts. It also efficiently manages knowledge and information related to religious destinations, conducting necessary market research and selecting the appropriate spiritual / pilgrimage destinations, always considering the specific needs and motivations of religious tourists. It also enriches religious tours with other thematic forms of tourism and simplifies the process of the excursion program by undertaking the planning of travel and accommodation. In short, a tour operator like Travelway undertakes all those actions so that people can enjoy all this unique religious experience that “speaks” to our most inner and vital needs of self-realization.


Benefits of Faith Based Tours with a Tour Operator


  • Competitive and economical offers
  • Time-saving schedules and activities
  • Value for money services
  • Special access to archaeological / religious sites
  • Financial guarantees
  • Expert guides and tour coordinators
  • Community outreach
  • Travel monitoring
  • Transferring solutions
  • Unique opportunities to experience natural and historical destinations

We plan tours focusing on faith and culture

Travelway has carefully designed tours related to the culture of different countries and regions, allowing travellers to gather new information and experiences to meet their cultural and spiritual needs.The company is able to support these religious and pilgrimage tours of travellers, both at the stage of their design and organization, as well as at the stage of their implementation, so that they themselves can visit the places where the soul meets the mind and body, elevating human hope to unimaginable heights because faith is in our every journey.